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How ‘user-generated’ is Wikileaks?

Prince of controversy: Wikileaks' director Julian Assange. PHOTO: New Media Days

Emily Fairbairn
Wikileaks is undeniably the king of user generated content.  The whistle-blowing site, which releases leaked documents in an effort to hold governments to account, demonstrates just how powerful UGC can be.

Today, Wikileaks caused a global diplomacy crisis by releasing thousands of classified US documents. Revelations contained within the documents include that US officials were instructed to spy on the UN leadership, French president Nicholas Sarkozy was seen as a ‘naked emperor’, and Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was referred to as ‘Hitler.’

Already the US government has insisted that the leaks will put “countless” lives at risk. Meanwhile, Wikileaks supporters view the release as a victory for transparency and democracy.
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Ricky Gervais: social media pioneer?

Ricky Gervais... obviously

Alex Webb

As someone who made his name by creating characters whose painful self-awareness led to often uncomfortable hilarity, it is perhaps unsurprising that Ricky Gervais is a giant of the blogosphere.

According to his blog got some 256,000 hits in the past month, although Gervais himself claims to get over a million.

Posting wittily more or less every day, he gives readers a peak into his daily life without actually telling us much at all.
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Internet in the tube: what it means for social media

Alex Webb

Tube map on an iPhone

Going underground: Now you can be wired up in the tube.

July 7th 2005 is often cited as the date when the man on the street became the news correspondent. The BBC received 22,000 e-mails and text messages about the tube and bus bombings, whilst 300 photos came flying into the organization’s e-mail inboxes.

So when it was announced this week that free public wi-fi was to be trialled at Charing Cross station, it seemed that the luddites’ last urban bastion was finally being broken down, opening up to the spleen of social media one of Londoners’ favourite gripes: the tube.
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