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Is it evil for Facebook to steal UGC and turn it into ads?

Do you want this lot nicking your posts? (Picture:

Emily Fairbairn

Ad men don’t even need to write their own adverts anymore.  Instead, they can use Facebook’s new ‘Sponsored Stories’ ad feature to hijak content generated by their ‘likes’ community, and put it word for word into adverts that appear on social networking sites.

So, say for example you ‘like’ Nike.  After that, if you ever mentioned Nike in your status, Nike could nick your post and stick it in an advert. A ‘real’ person loving the product is apparently advertising gold.

Still confused? Clickz explain it really well here. See their handy diagram:










So how dodgy is this? Is it unfair for companies to exploit user generated content for their own commerical gain, or do you relenquish any ownership of your posts once you unleash them on the internet?

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