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How ‘user-generated’ is Wikileaks?

Prince of controversy: Wikileaks' director Julian Assange. PHOTO: New Media Days

Emily Fairbairn
Wikileaks is undeniably the king of user generated content.  The whistle-blowing site, which releases leaked documents in an effort to hold governments to account, demonstrates just how powerful UGC can be.

Today, Wikileaks caused a global diplomacy crisis by releasing thousands of classified US documents. Revelations contained within the documents include that US officials were instructed to spy on the UN leadership, French president Nicholas Sarkozy was seen as a ‘naked emperor’, and Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was referred to as ‘Hitler.’

Already the US government has insisted that the leaks will put “countless” lives at risk. Meanwhile, Wikileaks supporters view the release as a victory for transparency and democracy.
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Revealing Youtube user identity

Patrick Smith

With Youtube this week ordered to hand over the identity of a suspected stalker, will all posters now be held accountable for their ill-thought-out ramblings?

The judge at a New York court ruled recently that the identity of a person posting abusive, stalkerish videos and comments on Youtube had to be revealed, so that legal action could be taken against them.

While this case is about harassment and not libel, it’s bound to open up a can of worms around defamation too. I don’t know about you, but when I post something on a site I haven’t always considered the legal repercussions, and I certainly don’t have a libel lawyer looking over my shoulder.
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